Thursday Bike Nights

For a motorcycle enthusiast, a local bike night is simply a necessity. Nowhere else can you get together with other riders, meet new people, talk bikes, and show off all your new mods—thus justifying their painstaking installation. Starting June 2nd, Cape Cod gets its first (as far as we can tell), regular bike night.

June 2nd Kick Off

Thursday, June 2nd we get things rolling at 5pm. We're putting everything we can muster into making this first one a success. We'll do free, hot slices (of traditional and specialty pizzas alike) for every rider and passenger that stops by. We'll have prize drawings for everyone along with whatever else we can think to put together. This also serves as our Grand Opening of sorts... so we might just get crazy.

Keeping it Rolling

Every Thursday from June 2 through Labor Day, we'll keep it going. We'll perfect our part and think of new things to offer each week. With luck and word-of-mouth, the gathering will grow throughout the summer.

Representing the Community

These events will service the motorcycle community as well as the non-riding, local and tourist communities here in Cape Cod. So, for motorcyclists, this is an opportunity to demonstrate that enthusiasts are safe, responsible, and respectful... that just happen to ride personal fighter jets with wheels. We're confident that participants will demonstrate these qualities, helping to foster a mutual respect on the road and encourage new interest in competitive motorcycle sports.

See You There!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there with their bikes and getting lots of new photos for our wall. Please RSVP with our Facebook Event posting and share with your friends.


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About Us

We're passionate about a lot of things, but especially creating food that delights and satisfies our customers. We're dedicated to exceeding expectations.