Our Ethos

Ethos - the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.

A major part of the allure of owning one’s own business is the ability to operate in the way one feels is best. So here is an outline of our business ethics:

Lower profit margin, higher volume sales philosophy

Our primary philosophy is to pay higher costs when necessary to provide a better quality product and customer experience without raising prices; although this lowers our profit margin on each sale, we’re gambling that positive experiences will gain us a greater volume of overall business. As we detail below, these higher costs involve ingredients, responsible packaging, and employee compensation.

Premium ingredients and simple recipes

Taste the ricotta in our Whitey pizza or the briny hearts of palm on the Greek salad and you’ll see the difference that good ingredients can make. Simply put, we serve what we’d want to eat.

Our dough is comprised of just four ingredients: flour, salt, water, and yeast (we use olive oil for coating). Our sauce is simply tomatoes and spices. We make a truly exceptional pizza without sugar, low-grade oils, or other unnecessary additives.

Customer service critical

Your workday was painfully long and now all you want to do is be home, get in PJs, put on a terrible episode of Vampire Diaries, and devour your Midway Steak & Cheese. But you open the box and instead see someone else’s order of fries. We know how bad it sucks to have to get back in the car and come all the way back here. We get it. So every employee has carte blanche to make any mistake or misunderstanding into something positive in any way possible. Errors happen everywhere and we can’t promise we won’t make them. But we do promise to respond with empathy and do our best to right any wrongs.

Happy Employees

Have you met the professional, perfectly-normal, and friendly people we have working with us? They actually care about the product they’re delivering and the customer’s perspective. So we’re doing our damnedest to keep them, pay them well, and maintain an enjoyable workplace environment.

Reducing waste

Waste in any commercial environment is a difficult (and often expensive) problem to tackle. We’ve phased out foam containers and replacing them with compostable paper ones. We've never used plastic bags for carry-out.

Making things interesting

We’ve declared war on the banal, mundane pizza joint with its pictures of green peppers on the wall and red and white checkered tables. Seriously? Who wants to see another one of these places? We want to be surrounded by things of interest. We want kids to light up when they come in. We want new, fun experiences in food and interesting things to look at during your visit. Good Lord, there’s a world of neat stuff out there and so little time to take it all in.

Finally, a random list of stupid things we won’t do

We won’t force you to purchase a certain amount to use a credit or debit card.
We won’t make prices .99 or .79 or point-anything with a nine.
We won’t try to overly up-sell you (except for maybe a drink).
We won’t charge you for two separate toppings for split toppings on a pie.
We won’t have a bunch of signs saying what you can’t do in our restaurant.
We won’t claim something is homemade when it is not.
We won't make anyone dance in a costume on the sidewalk with a sign (except as punishment)


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