Open Positions

We're a tiny start-up with a big vision for growth that just so happens to be a restaurant brand. We're looking for friendly, positive people of all sorts to join us in the following positions.

  1. Friendly Human 1.0, part time
  2. Manager Trainee, part time with potential to grow into full time position in long term

Friendly Human 1.0

We use good, friendly, somewhat-normal humans to cook, deliver, and get up on some dishes. No experience necessary.

See ‘Our Workplace Culture’ below.

To apply: Download and fill out application. Deliver in person or e-mail to motopizzacapecod(at)gmail

Manager Trainee

We're a tiny take-out pizzeria with fun brand and an aggressive growth strategy. Our Manager Trainee will take charge of operations with the presence of mind to handle, predict, and prepare for sales and challenges.

Though this will require cooking, restaurant experience is NOT necessary. A solution-driven, positive, friendly attitude IS absolutely necessary. The position is especially perfect for anyone who feels they might want to own a restaurant or cafe, as the experience will help provide a foundational understanding of all that is involved in such an undertaking. Similarly, a professional looking for an interesting career change would make also make an ideal candidate for this opportunity.

Either some higher level education or equivalent life experience is preferred. Ability to communicate professionally is important and any knowledge of Excel is valued.

The business operates nights, days, and weekends. This position would also serve as our go-to person for emergency coverage.

See ‘Our Workplace Culture’ below.

To apply: E-mail brief introduction and resume to motopizzacapecod(at)gmail

Our Workplace Culture


Our customers are valued friends so it is critical that any candidate have a friendly, engaging personality and the ability to positively interact with customers of all ages. Must be able to turn inevitable errors and miscommunications into positive outcomes.


While we all take our roles very seriously, negative attitudes, drama, and employee infighting just aren't a part of this workplace environment whatsoever. Our employees help create a fun and enjoyable work environment and meet challenges with enthusiasm.


Interest in the food of other cultures and food trends is very helpful. No professional cooking experience is required but aptitude and eagerness to learn are valued.


We maintain a culture of acceptance towards all genders, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, religion, and ethnicity. Intolerant persons would not fit our environment.

Foreign Workers

Although we welcome, respect, and value any foreign person's willingness to work and share cultures, we are not prepared to accommodate international work visas at this time.

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