How could we ever guess that after 500-some days of scrambling to overcome relentless challenges -- global pandemic right when we open our new location, exposure scares, having to shift operations around, equipment failures, ongoing supply shortages, etc. -- after all of that, a weird nationwide lack of workforce would affect our operations.

Restaurants and others are being forced to trim down their hours (or sometimes close entirely) due to lack of staff. Ole Cape Cod, without much affordable housing, no J1 workers, and a generally small workforce in a regular year, is getting hit especially hard.

Now our local youngsters are going back to college or doing fall sports that can occupy 5-6 days a week putting various balls into nets or goals. With this lack of available replacements and everyone and their mothers scrambling to hire, we can't rehire enough staff.

So, after all we have gotten through, we're forced at last to trim our hours, change our menu, switch around our operations. Most notably:

  • We will be closed Sundays and Mondays temporarily.
  • Some menu items will not be offered.
  • We may close abruptly on random days.
  • We may have to limit the number of orders we can take when open.

This will kinda hurt, tbh. Financially it'll be like going into our winter survival mode 4 months early. And there’s a downright fear of losing all the momentum we’ve built in 5+ years. But our biggest concern by far is disappointing so many regular customers and friends (hence the photo); we know and love that we’re part of a lot of happy routines.

We promise to be back to 100% as soon as we can get enough new hires. For any interested folks out there, know that providing a positive, growth-orientated workplace culture is part of our core values. It's a welcoming place for career changers and all types; no experience needed. Our quick application can be found at

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