About the time of flip phones in the US, a boy and girl had their first date over some elote (corn) flavored ice cream in the little town of La Paz on the southern tip of Baja, Mexico. Because in Baja, corn flavored ice cream is definitely a thing. So is corn in a cup ('elote con vaso’) and roasted corn on the cob with mayo, cotija cheese, and fresh cilantro.

Beautiful Baja—with its long, uninhabited beaches, desert cliffs, and rocky islets teeming with sea lion pups—is the inspiration for our Baja Street Corn pizza masterpiece: Chili-roasted sweet corn with Cotija cheese, mayo, tomatoes and spicy drops of Tapatio, topped off with fresh cilantro. BYO Pacifico.

The boy and the girl? They had a magical courtship exploring this land by ship, foot, and convertible VW bug. No arrests were made and the romance continues to this very day.

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