Well, we made it to five years!

From Zero

This is pretty remarkable considering we had something like zero experience running restaurant operations. But we applied scraps of what we knew from a handsome collection of careers in other industries with fuzzy memories from our youth. Add trial and error with mostly error and we built our system one solution at a time.

Cliff Diving

We began this venture much like one begins the act of jumping off a cliff. We were all in. Do or die. It was just one or two of us at most times, scrambling and scraping to get by every day. We’d have a handful of orders if we were lucky. Money to put back into the business was socked away a few dollars at a time and there was no such thing as working capital or cash reserves. Personally as well as professionally, it was a day-to-day slog.

Grabbing Hold

What grew from this was a slow-blooming miracle: We started to develop relationships with our customers in Sandwich. They became our friends and we looked forward to their daily or weekly visits. We then started to add employees: individuals that didn’t have much restaurant experience either but had spark and warmth. Together, these personalities developed a culture around our little pizza shop. And much like the yeast culture for our dough, this continues get richer in flavor as it grows. Aw.


And so there’s truth to the saying. Because after five years of constant, incremental improvement and relentless problem solving, five years of dough forming and stretching and rolling, five years of pot stirring, simmering, and scrubbing... we have something truly special. That effort turned into a community and a culture. Kids are growing up on our food. We have 40 fun, hardworking, always-wonderful people in two locations who help continue to nurture and feed this culture as we grow. And our customers—friends now—who helped build our business are still coming in each day for a slice and a hello.

Pretty sure that’s success. Someone go tell our parents.

Thanks for five years!
Dante, Jessica, and the Moto Crew

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