Volume-based Profitability

This means we accept that the costs of better ingredients, responsible packaging, and employee compensation are going to be high and we’re going to make less on each sale as a result. And so we’re gambling that positive experiences will gain us a greater volume of overall business and offset the higher costs.

Serve What We Want to Eat

Our dough is comprised of just four ingredients: flour, salt, water, and yeast. Our sauce is simply tomatoes and herbs. Our cheese is 100% whole milk mozzarella. We make a truly exceptional pizza without sugar, low-grade oils, or other unnecessary additives.

We buy the good chickens and fresh pineapples. Real vanilla and Cabot butter. We buy two types of premium ricotta, two types of ham (one for slicing and one for topping). Marinara has to have wine in it—it just does. The Ethiopian berbere wing rub…kinda life changing.

Customer Service Critical

Your workday was painfully long and now all you want to do is be home, get in PJs, put on some Netflix, and devour your Midway Steak & Cheese. But you open the box to see someone else’s order of fries. You’re thinking: Do I just eat the damn fries or go all the way back there? Ugh.

Causing such a dilemma is kind of our nightmare. So every employee has carte blanche to make any mistake or misunderstanding into something positive in any way possible. Errors happen everywhere and we can’t promise we won’t make them. But if you tell us, we promise to respond with empathy and do our best to right any wrongs.

Happy Employees

Have you met the super friendly people we have working with us? They actually care about the product they’re delivering and the customer’s experience. So we’re doing our damnedest to keep them, pay them well, and maintain an enjoyable workplace environment. This takes effort, compassion, and Twizzlers.

Reducing Waste

Waste in any commercial environment is a difficult (and often expensive) problem to tackle. We use compostable materials whenever possible (often our “plastics” you see are plant-based fakes). We’ve never used Styrofoam or plastic bags and are phasing out the sale of plastic drink bottles.

Making Things Interesting

There’s a difference between “classic” and “boring”. I get it if you want to put the red and white checkered tables out but pictures of green peppers and pizza on the wall? That’s just lame.

We want to be surrounded by things of interest. We want kids to light up when they come in. We want new, fun experiences in food and interesting things to look at during your visit. Good Lord, there’s a world of neat stuff out there and so little time to take it all in. Deep breath.


We always go for a win/win. Whether it’s with vendors, customers, employees, or anyone. Character counts more than wealth. Period.

Finally, a random list of stupid things we won’t do

We won’t force you to purchase a certain amount to use a credit or debit card.
We won’t make prices .99 or .79 or point-anything with a nine (okay, sometimes they come like that).
We won’t charge you for two separate toppings for split toppings on a pie.
We won’t have a bunch of signs saying what you can’t do in our restaurant. You should know to wear shoes.
We won’t claim something is homemade when it is not. The meatballs definitely ARE.
We won't make anyone dance in a costume on the sidewalk with a sign (except as punishment).


Follow us.


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